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      Whether local or across nation, specialized packaging with safe materials for making your move as easy, secure and stress-free as possible!

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      Loading & Unloading

      Highly systematic, organized, and professional loading and unloading of goods and cargo for maximum protection and safety of your house move!

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      On-time delivery with utmost and efficient care while transporting the expensive commodities and contents of your house or home in our fleet.

    We value our clients
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    We offer a full range of services, from packing and transport to storage and even decluttering. We provide an efficient, secure and stress-free moving experience – so that you can focus on what matters most.

    Frequently asked questions

    We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you
    answer some of the more common ones.

    1. What is an order for service?

    This is the document authorizing the mover to ship your goods.

    It isn’t a contract. It notes the estimated charge of the move and other special services asked for (like packing and storage)—as well as pickup and delivery dates or spread dates.

    2. What happens if the mover does not pick-up or deliver my goods according to the dates provided?

    Movers are required to meet something called “reasonable dispatch” requirements.

    This means the transportation must happen—within reason—during the scheduled dates, as shown on the order of service and bill of lading.

    Some things beyond a mover’s control, like weather, may be acceptable reasons for delay.

    3. If I do my own packing, is the mover still responsible if something is lost or broken?

    Yes. The mover usually has a tariff provision that allows it to repack boxes or cartons if they feel they have been improperly packed—or if they will cause harm to the rest of the shipment.

    The mover is also liable for any loss or damage caused during transit unless the sole cause for the loss or damage was due to any of these common law defenses:

    • An act of nature
    • An act of—or omission by—the shipper
    • An act of public enemy
    • An act of public authority
    • Inherent vice

    4. What should I know about the pick-up of my furniture?

    Be present until your furniture is loaded.

    Look at the mover’s description of your furniture on the inventory and ensure the mover denotes items that are chipped, marred, dented, scratched, etc.

    Make certain the items’ conditions are listed on both the driver’s copy and your copy of the inventory sheet—but more importantly on the driver’s copy.

    Make certain all goods to be moved are listed on the inventory sheet.


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